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    In my opinion there are a few reasons why racism doesn’t end in America. Have you seen the headlines, Obama was the first black president, first female in this or that, first Mexican in this position, first lesbian female in this position; why? I know most would say that they are proud to have achieved a certain position or level, and that is great, it is great the we are moving forward as Americans, but then why classify yourself as a race, a sex, or ethnicity? You are just contributing to the continue racism and separation in this country. You want to achieve greatness, this is the country to achieve greatness!

    We are all people, humans, Americans! Why do we keep classifying people as a color, a race, a sex, and sexual preference? Most would say it’s because they are proud they achieved a position as a person with they race or sex or background. Well that is great, but if a person can be proud that they achieved a position or did something as the first person, why can’t another. What I mean by that is, if a person with darker skin born in another country can be proud of something why can a white male be proud?

    If you are a minority, it’s seen an an achievement, but if you are a white male, it’s seen as racism; how is that fair and equal? It contradicts everything we are fighting for, equality. To get past the race, ethnicity, sex and all other types of discriminatory biases, we first have to start with ourselves. If we all want to be seen as people, as Americans, then that is what we have to be Americans; not white, black, Mexican, or anything else.

    Today in the news we have so much name calling, so much division, and it’s because everyone keeps classifying themselves are something or another. But let’s be fair, if you can be proud of what or who you are, why can’t someone else; this means that if someone who has dark skin can be proud of their skin color, why can’t someone who has lighter skin color; why is it that they can’t be proud or it’s considered racism.

    Racism in American will not end, until everyone stops classifying themselves or others as anything other than Americans. You go to other countries and you don’t see this type of division.

    There will always be people who will prefer to surround themselves with a person for one trait or another. Think about it, who are your friends? Are they like you, do they have similar likes and dislikes, do they do similar things to what you do? Ofcourse, they do, it’s human to want to surround yourself with people who are similar in some aspects to yourself. Depending on how or even where you were raised, your culture, your likes, the things you like to do are different. If you were raised in the country you probably like the outdoors a little more than other, you probably like to hunt, and play with mud. If you were raised in a large city, let’s say New York NY, well maybe you like more things with building made out of concrete…

    Now let’s talk about prejudgement. Let’s say you walk down the street and a person with a beard punches you and robs you. This happens 5 times this year. Next time you walk down the street and you see a person with a beard, how are you going to feel? Let’s say every time you see a white male on TV they are portrayed as a racist person, next time you see a white person what are you going to think? Let’s say the president calls every person coming from Mexico a murder, drug dealer, or rapist; next time you see a person from Mexico what are your thoughts?

    As humans we are pre-designed to prejudge things, it comes from evolution and is programmed into our brains as a survival technic. Once upon a time when humans lived in jungles and had to hunt for food, we had to prejudge things. Think about it, doesn’t everyone prejudge something or another?

    There are several reason why racism doesn’t end in America, and it starts with us! We are Americans, not black, white, hispanic or anything else, and it starts with us! The more we call or label a person as a racist, the more racist our country becomes. People who have lighter skin can be as proud as someone with darker skin.

    If you were born in Mexico, aren’t you proud of your heritage or background? Why can’t someone else? You see people all over the place having flags in their houses from the country they were born, of their heritage; so why can one person and not another?

    Have you ever been to other countries and noticed that race and color are not an issue? Why? Do they constantly have the media talking about race? No, they don’t. They just live life and stopped the nonsense of classifying this or that, for some of these reasons racism doesn’t end… Let’s be humans, let’s all be Americans!

    I’ll tell you a little about myself, I wasn’t born in this country, my parents came here when I was young struggling for a better future, and they achieved their American dream. My female cousins are married to their wives and have the cutest daughter, but they never rub anything in your face, they just live a wonderful and beautiful life as two female parents. Live your best life, love life, and be proud to be an American no matter where you were born, the color of your skin, or who you love. I believe this is why racism doesn’t end.

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