WATCH: Democrats propose ‘Green New Deal’ to counter climate change

  • Now Playing: Trump: ‘I don’t believe’ climate change report

  • Now Playing: Coral-like art calls attention to climate change

  • Now Playing: ‘Start Here’ podcast: Dire climate report

  • Now Playing: Democrats propose ‘Green New Deal’ to counter climate change

  • Now Playing: House Democrats take 1st step to obtain Trump’s tax returns

  • Now Playing: More drama unfolds around Virginia governor, attorney general and lieutenant governor

  • Now Playing: Sen. Amy Klobuchar gains tough reputation among staff

  • Now Playing: Trump calls possible investigation on his businesses ‘presidential harassment’

  • Now Playing: Pelosi: Trump ‘projecting his own unruliness’

  • Now Playing: Trump asks Congress to pass legislation that will prohibit late-term abortion

  • Now Playing: Parkland victim’s dad, lawmaker clash at gun-violence hearing

  • Now Playing: Photo of Pelosi applauding Trump becomes an internet-defined clap back

  • Now Playing: Democrats launch multiple investigations into Trump

  • Now Playing: Virginia AG says he wore ‘brown makeup’ in college

  • Now Playing: Pelosi slams Trump’s State of the Union warning to Congress

  • Now Playing: Senator apologizes for her claims of an American Indian heritage

  • Now Playing: President Trump praises US troops and allies, speaks on fight against ISIS

  • Now Playing: Trump announces controversial pick for World Bank

  • Now Playing: Jill Abramson on her book ‘Merchants of Truth: Inside the News Revolution’

  • Now Playing: Stacey Abrams delivers Democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union


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