Picks of the Week from the Daily Kos Community, Feb. 2 (and another question)

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Trump Isn’t Attacking the Press, He’s Manipulating It

By Paul C

The media helped deliver Donald Trump the key to the Oval Office, and if the last week is any indication, they’re poised to do the same for Howard Schultz.

We must fight back.

KosAbility: The Negative Effects of Undertreated Chronic/Acute Pain

By CathyM

Pain doesn’t just hurt, it can destroy lives.

Notes from my corner of the government shutdown — and a prediction

By Canasta The Loony

First they were furloughed, then they were deemed “essential” and forced to work for free.

If another shutdown comes in February, don’t be surprised if federal workers push back—HARD.

*&% you, Brokaw and the ignorance of continuing the stupid, xenophobic :*p

By Jjc2006

A first-generation American leans heavily on their childhood in this beautiful slap right in Tom Brokaw’s assimilation-loving face.

The Empire Strikes Back: incumbent Democrats float ideas to hobble grassroots power of new members.

By subir

The new generation of elected Democrats is the party further left, but that doesn’t mean their elders are happy about it.

The media’s true bias is toward exploitation

By Doctor RJ

A remarkably deep and well-rounded dive into the current media climate, and how we got here.

Why Trump WANTS Us to Mock his Typos

By Save the clock tower

What if Individual 1 has his reasons for tweeting like a semi-literate second grader?

What if those reasons are working?

The Case for a Wealth Tax Appears to Be Growing

By Mrmuni12

There’s no denying it: Taxing the very wealthy is becoming a more acceptable concept to Americans with every passing day, and every politician that embraces the concept.

Springing the GOP Trap

By SusanCStrong

Words matter. Check out this primer and absorb some great tips for effective messaging in the time of Trump.

Rachel Maddow Leads MSNBC to a January FREEZE-OUT of Sean Hannity and State TV (aka FOX News)

By News Corpse

The numbers say it all: Shrieking, fear mongering, and lies aren’t as popular as they once were.

Betsy DeVos Loves To Tell This Teacher’s Story. But He Says She Got It All Wrong.

By otto

Trump’s education czar LOVES to brag about the ex-teachers who support the administration’s horrific policies.

She’s lying.

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