Science correspondent provides a very clear and rational way to talk with climate change deniers

Ward: I would say two things. First, if you’re the kind of person who wants to go head on at the argument—I wish that we could hand out little placards or get tattooed on our arms, that graphic, when the industrial resolution hit, the trend started upward and it became a hockey stick. Now it’s a run away thing. But if you don’t feel like fighting, go the other way and say, what is wrong with creating a more efficient, environmentally sensitive world? We are only going to get better and better at making things if we learn to make them in an ecologically and environmentally responsible way.

It used to be that that was the window dressing you would put on the end of a design project. These days any good architect, any good product designer is trying to make something that is environmentally sensitive. In my mind, I think to myself, don’t worry about it if you just don’t believe it existentially, I won’t fight with you. It means we’re getting better at what we do.

While the second tack might be less satisfying when confronted by a climate denier, it might also be a good way of circumventing a climate denier’s fact-free talking points. Ward also pointed to the military and rescue personnel in our government that continue to study and make very detailed plans based on the belief that our climate change problem is not only real, but underway.

Ward: These are really practical people. When you hear military people and rescue planners plan on this kind of change, you know it’s real. These are not people who take a flier on theoretical things.

Hear, hear.

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