Want the GOP to stop using the word ‘socialist’ to scare off Democrats? Make ‘capitalism’ a bad word

Ironically, as they take their unearned spoils, many of their employees are working several jobs to keep up, or relying on food stamps. This truth is not rocket science. It is the same pathology that keeps many majorities at the behest of immoral minorities (read: South Africa).

Here is a sad reality: Food stamp con artists share much in common with most of the unfettered capitalists. They both make money off of the labor and intellect of others. They both work out schemes in which they benefit financially on the backs of others. They both produce nothing to move society forward.

I know many will take exception. After all, didn’t Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ intellect create mega computers that revolutionized efficiency and productivity? Again, that is what you were taught to believe. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were good at what they did. But most importantly, they were chosen—and then their monopolies froze most out of their markets.

Does anyone believe that only a few dozen Americans have the intellect and insight to do what they did? Just like thousands of churches have singers as good or better than Mariah Carey but aren’t plucked from obscurity for fame and fortune, the same applies to technology.

The GOP does an outstanding job at turning words used by progressives into pejoratives. We must do the same with their words. Interestingly, we would not have to use Cuba or Venezuela to prove the failure of the economic system. We only have to ask average citizens to look at their paychecks, bank account statements, and credit card bills over time.

There is a basic tenet we must recognize in our economic system, explained by the article “Why our economic system is designed to keep most people broke by robbing us legally“:

Pricing of any product in our economic system has its basis on a corrosive concept known as “Whatever the market will bear.” And what will the market bear? All of your income plus your total creditworthiness, how much you can borrow.

Sadly, the reality is that corporations whose fiduciary responsibility is to their shareholders and their huge undeserved salaries will keep raising prices until people are simply unable to afford what they are selling. If it is something they must have, Americans will spend up to their limit to get it.

The tenets of the current economic system are predicated on this behavior that effectively prevents us from saving. It makes us entities that are nothing but conduits of our income used to create the increasing wealth of a few, those who determine prices, the Plutocrats.

Ultimately, those with unregulated and unlimited pricing power on necessary products and services can ensure the rest of us will never accumulate wealth. They own you. They can extort you.

The above reality defines our economy, which has evolved into an odious form of capitalism. The proof is a continual decline in the wealth of the masses as the few get a more significant percentage. If this remains unchanged, math will prevail. Welcome to indentured servitude.


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