Ilhan Omar talking about al-qaeda in college class

I just so happened to have run across this video of Ilhan Omar talking about a college class she took on terrorism. What I found more interesting than what she is saying is Ilhan Omar’s body language and facial expressions when she mentions al-qaeda, hezbollah, and then America.

Pay close attention to minute 1:07 when Ilhan Omar mentions “America”. You determine if this is someone we should have allowed to become part of our Government.

Ilhan Omar talking about college class on terrorism, al-qaeda and America.

What I found extremely interesting was her facial expressions and excitement when she says “al-qaeda” and “hezbollah”, and then watch how her facial expression, and body language changes when she says “America”.

I would also pay close attention to the last few seconds of the video when Ilhan Omar says she “does not participate” and again, her expression, body language and giggle…

After seeing this video of Ilhan Omar talking about al-qaeda in a college class, is Ilhan Omar someone who should be a part of our Government and have access to sensitive information?

1 comment for “Ilhan Omar talking about al-qaeda in college class

  1. Mark Mastrone
    April 14, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    Wow she has a face of disgust when she speaks about America and a grin when she says alqaeda

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