Sinclair analyst draws mockery after arguing with parody Ocasio-Cortez Twitter account

That prompted a response from Epshteyn, who wrote: “Dems messaging on Russia continues to be confused.”

“You mean INF? IMDb is the movie database that you seem to so desperately want to have a big profile on,” he continued, referring to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and the movie website.


The tweet by Epshteyn to the Ocasio-Cortez parody account was then flagged by progressive activist Jordan Uhi.

Ocasio-Cortez retweeted Uhi’s message to her more than 3 million followers, writing: “The right is so eager to smear that they end up tripping over the own wires all the time. Here, the Chief Political Analyist [sic] for Sinclair Broadcasting earnestly cites a *parody account* as supporting evidence for his bogus argument. Misinformation spreads like this regularly.” 

Epshteyn returned to Twitter to say both of his points made to the parody account stood while stating everything that Ocasio-Cortez “says or puts out” such as the Green New Deal “sound like a parody.”

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