House Republicans admit the only thing they have on health care is calling Democrats socialists

They have left them selves a little exposed, here.

In the 10 years since the Affordable Care Act was first conceived and then finally delivered, Republicans have been throwing a lot of stones, insisting that they’d have much better, cheaper, and more freedomy ideas. In 10 years the only thing they could produce besides a plan they couldn’t pass, even with a majority, was getting Donald Trump elected, and he’s done little more than kick a million or so people off of their plans. What’s interesting is that for 2020, they’ve just abandoned the whole pretense that they’ll have a plan.

“Socialism is a good narrative to get us back to the majority,” Chris Pack, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, told The New York Times. Asked about what they’ll do to counter myriad healthcare ideas coming out of the Democratic field, he freely admitted “We are more focused on the politics of what the Democrats are doing.” Seems like some voters are going to notice that, no?

Particularly when the case the Trump administration is pushing to declare the whole law unconstitutional gets to the Supreme Court. At that point, people are going to be wondering what the Republicans, who want their votes to regain the majority, might be planning to do about it. Since it featured so prominently in the 2018 election. Seems like yelling “socialism” isn’t going to be quite enough to do the trick.

It’s also not going to be enough to drown out Trump, who you know is going to pop up with a whole new series of tweets any day now about the tremendous healthcare reform plan Republicans are going to bestow upon us. It’s what he does, frequently, no matter how many times they say “no” to him.

“Socialism” isn’t going to be enough to divert the nation’s attention from the potential destruction of the whole healthcare system, including the protections they have for their pre-existing conditions. You know, the thing that drove the blue wave of 2018.

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